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Patriot Organization setting a new standard in dispensary facility design–builds (2021)

The Patriot Organization is an industry leader in full-service facility design-builds. As development opportunities emerge in the fast–growing Cannabis industry, our customers rely on Patriot Org. to create the modern-day facility of their dreams.


Since 2012, the Patriot Organization has built, and in the process of building, more than 40 facilities, centers, mixed use, and retail projects across 3 states.

Our principal leader is Jonathan Singer, with decades of experience in construction, and the operational and financial management of construction projects.


The Patriot Organization team treats every project as our number one priority. Our track record and construction portfolio demonstrate our expertise in maximizing functionality, aesthetics, and appeal, all within budget.


The Patriot Organization is also a proud sponsoring partner of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

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