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Renovate and Upgrade Long Island's Oldest Schoolhouse located in Farmingville, New York

The Bald Hill Historic Schoolhouse is a one–room school building located in Farmingville New York. It was built in 1850 and is a small, one–story, vernacular rural schoolhouse with Greek Revival style detailing. It measures approximately 18 feet by 28 feet.

Patriot Organization was tasked with lifting the historic house in order to install a new foundation that was failing. Patriot used the natural stones from the original foundation to renovate the foundation, carefully placing each stone back in its original positioning to preserve its historic nature.

Patriot's contractors are specializing in the restoration of historic structures.  Patriot was able to reinforce the structure of the schoolhouse so that it will survive for new generations without compromising the historical or structural integrity of the schoolhouse.


Other upgrades to this historic site included a new deck, and ADA ramp to allow access to all residents.


This is one of Patriot Organization's proudest moments, renovating and saving a historic building in our own hometown.


Completed: August 2020

General Contractor

The Patriot Organization

30 Floyd Run

Bohemia, NY


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