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High School Main Additions and Renovations located in Lynbrook, New York

The Lynbrook High School Project is a large–scale, multi–phased construction project that includes (4) different project job sites: the main addition, a gym storage addition, auditorium renovations, and new science wing.


The main addition is 28,000 square foot, gym storage is 500 square foot, auditorium is 2,600 square foot, and the science wing is 3,000 square foot.
The total cost of this project is roughly $15,000,000 for general contracting.


The complexity of this project includes phasing all areas to be completed on schedule, working safety with students and faculty in close-proximity, and coordinating with other trades, to ensure that we do not incur any delays.


Each work location creates its own unique situation regarding egress, safety, design changes and coordination. We are incredibly familiar with planning, coordinating, and ensuring safety of everyone on and around active jobsites. 

Completed: Expected 2021

General Contractor

The Patriot Organization

30 Floyd Run

Bohemia, NY


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